5 Things About The Pyramid Blu-ray

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The Pyramid Blu-ray | Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me The Pyramid Blu-ray for review on my movie blog. The film is about an archaeological team who gets lost in a pyramid. While they are trying to find their way out, they are killed off one by one. The story is predictable, but it does keep you on the edge of your seat. The Pyramid is worth checking out if you like this type of movie. The Pyramid is available now on digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD. Continue reading to learn five things about The Pyramid.

Five Things About The Pyramid

  1. It’s not an original story
    The storyline in The Pyramid is predictable and one many us of have seen before. It’s one of those stories about a group of people who get lost and then are killed off one by one. In the case of The Pyramid, two archaeologists (a father and daughter team) find an ancient pyramid buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert. The daughter thinks the pyramid might be older than the other pyramids discovered previously. The archaeologists and the camera crew enter the pyramid and quickly get lost. While they are trying to find their way out, they discover they are not alone. And then the team is killed off painfully one by one.

  2. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat
    Even though the story is predictable, the film does keep you on the edge of your seat. You know the people will die, but you don’t when or in what order. On more than one occasion, the movie made me jump. The Pyramid didn’t scare me, but it did startle me multiple times. If you like this kind of movie, then The Pyramid will not disappoint. BTW, my wife hates this kind of film and she got mad at me when I left her alone after the movie was over.

  3. There are no stars in The Pyramid
    I didn’t recognize anyone in the film, but I have to admit I found Ashley Hinshaw lovely. She played the part of Nora the archaeologist. Other cast members included Denis O’Hare (Holden), James Buckley (Fitzie), Christa Nicola (Sunni), Amir K (Zahir), Faycal Attougui (Corporal Shadid), Philip Shelley (Provost), Ait Hamou Amine (8-year old boy), Omar Benbrahim (Egyptian intern), Joseph Beddelem (taxi driver), and Chakir El Faaiz (skinny digger). The Pyramid was directed by GrĂ©gory Levasseur.

  4. The Pyramid is rated R
    The 89-minute film is rated R for some horror violence and bloody images. There wasn’t anything real nasty in the movie, but it can be frightening for some people. In addition, some of the scenes were bloody, but not too gory.

  5. There is an extended ending in the special feature
    The Pyramid Blu-ray includes the movie on Blu-ray and Digital HD. In addition, both the DVD and Blu-ray include the following special features:

    • New Extended Ending
    • Partners
    • Fear
    • Space Archaeology
    • Egyptian Myths
    • Image Gallery

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