American Sniper Kills at the Box Office


American Sniper (Bradley Cooper)

American Sniper, which was released in a limited number of theaters last month so it could qualify for this year’s Oscars, hit the jackpot with a wide release over the weekend. American Sniper came in first with a surprising $89.5 million in it’s fourth weekend. The Wedding Ringer opened in second place with $20.6 million, while Paddington only took in $19 million for third place. Continue reading to see the box office take for the weekend of January 16th.

Box Office for January 16th Weekend

Rank Movie Weekend Gross Total Gross
1 American Sniper $89,505,000 $92,930,000
2 The Wedding Ringer $20,600,000 $20,600,000
3 Paddington $18,966,000 $18,966,000
4 Taken 3 $14,625,000 $63,412,000
5 Selma $8,785,000 $26,449,000
6 The Imitation Game $6,792,000 $50,398,000
7 Into the Woods $6,782,000 $114,535,000
8 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies $4,895,000 $244,572,000
9 Unbroken $4,163,000 $108,506,000
10 Blackhat $3,838,000 $3,838,000

Previous box office: January 9th, 2015


3 thoughts on “American Sniper Kills at the Box Office

  1. I loved American Sniper-Such a deep, feeling movie (except for the baby…lol). It really touched my heart.

  2. (American Sniper Kills at the Box Office) I am so glad this movie has been doing so well in the theater. My husband & I plan on going to see it as well. I cannot believe the things that moron Michael Moore was saying about the movie. Maybe he should move to Iraq and live there amongst the people there, beings he sure seems to hate the U.S.A. so much!!!!

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