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Taken 3 (Liam Neeson)

I watched Taken 3 over the weekend. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Blu-ray for review on my movie blog. Like the first two films, there is plenty of action in Taken 3. And like the previous two movies, Liam Neeson is excellent as the man who has to rescue a loved one that was taken. In my opinion, Taken 3 isn’t as good as the first one, but better than the second movie. I really like the Taken series. It’s a shame this is the final film in the Taken trilogy. Taken 3 is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD. Continue reading to learn five things about the movie.

Five Things About the Taken 3 Blu-ray

  1. Someone is taken again
    Like the first two movies, Taken 3 is the story of a man (Bryan Mills) who has to rescue someone he loves. This time around, Bryan’s ex-wife is taken (again) and killed. Bryan is framed for the murder. For most of the movie, Bryan is on the run because he wants to figure out who killed his ex-wife. And just when he’s on the verge of solving the murder, his daughter is taken (again).

  2. It’s different from the other two Taken movies
    In the first Taken movie, Bryan’s daughter is kidnapped in Paris. Bryan only has four days to rescue her before she is sold off as a sex slave. In Taken 2, Bryan has to find and rescue his ex-wife, who was kidnapped in Istanbul. The third Taken film is a little bit different. First, all the action takes place in America. Second, his daughter isn’t taken until near the end of the story. Third, Bryan has multiple adversaries: (1) the police who are after him for his ex-wife’s murder and (2) the real bad guys behind his ex-wife’s murder.

  3. The Jedi delivers again
    Liam Neeson (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) is excellent again playing the part of Bryan Mills. He doesn’t have rippling muscles and a six-pack ab like you would expect in an ass-kicking hero. But I think that’s why he makes the story so believable even though some of the action scenes are over the top. Taken 3 also featured Forest Whitaker (Franck Dotzler), Famke Janssen (Lenore St. John), Maggie Grace (Kim Mills), Dougray Scott (Stuart St. John), Sam Spruell (Oleg Malankov), Dylan Bruno (Smith), Leland Orser (Sam Gilroy), David Warshofsky (Bernie Harris), Jon Gries ((Mark Casey), Jonny Weston (Jimy), Andrew Borba (Clarence), Judi Beecher (Claire), and Andrew Howard (Maxim). Taken 3 was directed by Olivier Megaton.

  4. Taken 3 is rated PG-13
    The movie is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and for brief strong language. There is also an unrated version on the Blu-ray disc. I watched the unrated version, but not the PG-13 version. I’m not sure what the other differences are, but the unrated version is about six minutes longer. From what I saw, the unrated version is probably still PG-13.

  5. There are several special features
    The Taken 3 Blu-ray includes the movie in Blu-ray and digital HD (Ultraviolet streaming) formats. In addition, both the DVD and Blu-ray versions include several bonus features:

    • The Unrated Cut (Blu-ray only)
    • Deleted Scene — Flashback Malankov
    • Sam’s Bunker A.K.A. The Rabbit Hole
    • Taken to L.A.
    • A Taken Legacy
    • Gallery

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