6 Things About the Cake Blu-ray

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Cake - Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington

I watched Cake last night. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Blu-ray to review on my movie blog. Cake is about the sad journey of Claire Bennett after a personal tragedy. The story is a slow one, but I thought it was interesting. I liked it. The acting was excellent — especially Jennifer Aniston who showed she can act. I also liked the dry and dark humor in the movie, which was a nice break from the slow and sad drama. Cake is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Continue reading to learn six things about the dark comedy drama.

Six Things About the Cake Blu-ray

  1. It’s the story of pain and grief
    Cake is about a woman named Claire Bennett. Through hints throughout the movie, we learn Claire was involved in a tragic accident that left her in pain both emotionally and physically. As a result, Claire has become somewhat bitter, depressed and addicted to painkillers. But Claire isn’t a bad person. On occasion, she even does nice things for people. The story starts off with Clair in a chronic pain support group. During a meeting, Claire learns the details of a suicide of a woman (Nina) in her support group. To deal with her own personal tragedy, Claire becomes obsessed with Nina’s suicide and life. Claire even meets and becomes a friend of Nina’s husband. As if that’s not odd enough, Claire also starts having hallucinations of Nina.

  2. The origin of Cake
    If you’re like me, then you’re probably wondering why the title of this film is Cake. In the story, someone (it might have been Claire), mentions that there isn’t anything like eating yellow cake made from scratch with fudge frosting. And near the end of the story, someone makes a yellow cake with fudge frosting from scratch. That cake and some other things that happened near the end of the movie wrap up Claire’s sad and tragic life.

  3. Jennifer Aniston looks like a meth addict
    Jennifer Aniston looks very ordinary in this movie. She wore no or very little make-up. And her curvy body was hidden behind clothes that revealed nothing. Jennifer looked like one of those horrible mug shots of celebrities you see on TV from time to time. It was not a good look for her. BTW, the only person that looked good in the movie was Anna Kendrick, and her character was dead in the film.

  4. Jennifer Aniston is outstanding
    I’ve never thought Jennifer Aniston was a bad actress, but I also didn’t think she was a good actress either. But this movie showcased her excellent acting ability. Without the pretty face and sexy cleavage distracting me, I was able to see her acting ability for the first time. She was outstanding playing the part of the main character, Claire Bennett. Cake also featured Adriana Barraza (Silvana), Anna Kendrick (Nina Collins), Sam Worthington (Roy Collins), Mamie Gummer (Bonnie), Felicity Huffman (Annette), William H. Macy (Leonard), Chris Messina (Jason Bennett), Lucy Punch (Nurse Gayle), Britt Robertson (Becky), Paula Cale (Carol), Ashley Crow (Stephanie), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Arturo), Camille Guaty (Tina), and Allen Maldonado (Buddy). Cake was directed by Daniel Barnz.

  5. Cake is rated R
    The movie is rated R for for language, substance abuse and brief sexuality. There isn’t any nudity, but there is a sex scene and you can tell what they are doing.

  6. The Blu-ray has a runtime of 118 minutes
    The movie is 102 minutes long with a run time of 118 minutes. The other 16 minutes are from the special features on the Blu-ray and DVD.

  7. The Cake Blu-ray includes a couple special features
    The Blu-ray includes the movie in Blu-ray and digital HD (Ultraviolet) formats. In addition, the Blu-ray includes the following bonus features:

    • The Many Layers of Cake: Learning to Live Again
    • The Icing on the Cake: Meet the Cast
    • Theatrical Trailer

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