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The Counselor | Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

I watched The Counselor earlier in the week. Because the film featured some of my favorite actors (Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penélope Cruz), I was expecting the movie to be fantastic. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not fantastic either. What I liked about the the film is the love interest between Penélope Cruz and Michael Fassbender. They seem right for each other. On the other hand, what wasn’t right for me was the main story and the complex plot that was hard to follow at times. Anyway, watch The Counselor if you like the actors in it. But if you’re looking for a great story, this film probably isn’t for you. The Counselor (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Continue reading to learn five things about The Counselor.

5 Things About The Counselor Blu-ray Combo Pack

  1. The Counselor starts off on the right foot
    The story begins with two main characters (Laura and the counselor) in bed. Even though this is just the start of the story, you can tell they are in love and they have chemistry together. The movie then indirectly reveals that the counselor is a successful lawyer for some bad guys that are rich and powerful. And even though he appears to be very well off, the counselor decides to strike it rich by partnering up on a $20 million drug deal. Unfortunately for him, the drug shipment is stolen and the drug cartel thinks he had something to do with it. The Counselor didn’t do it (as far as we know), but the drug cartel doesn’t believe him and has marked him and his loved one for death.
  2. There are no good guys
    In the story, there are five main characters: the Counselor, Westray, Malkina, Laura, and Reiner. None of them are what I could consider good guys. Laura, the counselor’s love interest, comes closet to being good. She isn’t a bad person, but she’s not a saint either. I get the sense she knows the counselor is doing something illegal and dangerous, but doesn’t seem to care until it’s too late. I wanted to like the Counselor, but it’s hard for me to like someone who seems to be wealthy, but still wants to become a major drug dealer so he can make a boat load of money. Malkina, Westray and Reiner are all likeable. But it appears Westray and Reiner both made their fortune from selling drugs. Malkina is sexy, but you can tell there’s something off about her.
  3. The story is too complex
    In my opinion, there were too many dots to connect in The Counselor. In fact, I had to watch the movie twice because I missed the connections between some of the scenes. To make matters worst, some of the scenes didn’t seem to be needed at all and they distracted me from the things that were important. And even after watching the film twice, I still didn’t understand how the mastermind knew all the things that she did. For instance, how did she know the route of the smugglers? Or where the drug truck was hidden? Or where to find the missing starter for the truck?
  4. The Counselor features an all-star cast
    The big names in The Counselor are Michael Fassbender (Counselor), Brad Pitt (Westray), Cameron Diaz (Malkina), Penélope Cruz (Laura), and Javier Bardem (Reiner). They are all fine actors, but it was hard for them to shine with the characters they played in this film. Other actors include Cesar Aguirre (truck driver), Daniel Holguín (truck driver), Christopher Obi (Malkina’s bodyguard), Bruno Ganz (diamond dealer), Paris Jefferson (waitress), Dar Dash (barman), Richard Cabral (young biker), Rosie Perez (Ruth), Alex Hafner (highway patrolman), and Andrea Deck (watching girl). The Counselor was directed by Ridley Scott.
  5. The combo pack includes an extra 98 minutes
    The Counselor Blu-ray Combo Pack includes the movie in high defination Blu-ray, standard defination DVD, and digital HD (Ultraviolet). In addition to the theatrical version of the movie (117-minute run time), the Blu-ray includes an unrated extended cut that is about 138 minutes in length. Other features include the Truth of the Situation: Making The Counselor (Blu-ray only) and Viral Pieces: Uncut (Laura, The Counselor, Malkina, Reiner). The film is rated R for graphic violence, some grisly images, strong sexual content and language. I do not recommend watching The Counselor with your kids.

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