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I watched the new Fantastic Four movie over the weekend. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Blu-ray for review on my movie blog. The new FF film is a reboot of the 2005 Fantastic Four movie. Personally, I liked the original series better. I think it’s because the first film featured Chris Evans and Jessica Alba (in my dreams, she’s my girlfriend). Even though I thought the first FF movie was better, I think the reboot is still worth watching if you’re a fan of the superhero genre. Fantastic Four is available now on Digital HD, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 15th — just in time for the holidays. Continue reading to learn five things about the movie.

Five Things About the Fantastic Four Blu-ray

  1. It’s another origin story
    The movie is the origin story of the Fantastic Four. In this version, the team travels to another dimension. During their inter-dimensional travel, disaster strikes the team. They lose consciousness, and when they wake up, they’ve gained new powers. Like the comic books, Reed Richards has the ability to super stretch, Johnny Storm becomes a human torch, Sue Storm can turn invisible, and Ben Grimm becomes a rock-like monster.

  2. It’s a reboot
    As I mentioned previously, the movie is a reboot of the two-part Fantastic Four series. This time around, the team is younger. In fact, when the team gets their super powers, they are barely out of high school. In addition to getting younger, the other big change is how they got their powers. In the comics and first series, the team got their powers when they were exposed to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space. In the reboot, they acquired their powers during an inter-dimensional travel experiment.

  3. The film features a younger cast
    The younger Fantastic Four team consists of Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), Kate Mara (Sue Storm), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm / The Thing). Toby Kebbell plays the part of Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom). Other cast members include Reg E. Cathey (Dr. Franklin Storm), Tim Blake Nelson (Dr. Allen), Joshua Montes (Quarterback Speech School Kid), Dan Castellaneta (Mr. Kenny), Owen Judge (Young Reed), Kylen Davis (Teasing School Kid), Evan Hannemann (Young Ben), Chet Hanks (Jimmy Grimm), Mary-Pat Green (Mrs. Grimm), and Tim Heidecker (Mr. Richards). Fantastic Four was directed by Josh Trank.

  4. The movie is rated PG-13
    Fantastic Four is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, and language. The 100-minutes film is fine for most kids. There wasn’t any sex or nudity. However, some of the scenes were violent and intense.

  5. The Fantastic Four includes special features
    The Fantastic Four Blu-ray includes the movie on Blu-ray and digital HD. In addition, both the DVD and Blu-ray include bonus features:

    • Powering Up: Superpowers of the Fantastic Four
    • The Quantum Gates (Blu-ray only)
    • Planet Zero (Blu-ray only)
    • The Score (Blu-ray only)
    • Concept Art
      • Planet Zero
      • Quantum Gates

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  1. I really liked seeing this movie in the theater and got this as a gift for my son for Christmas. We both love watching the Fantastic 4 movies.

  2. I haven’t seen this movie, but I hear my grandson who’s 6 I believe love action superheroes has at least a few times if not dozens. Watching a movie with him is an experience to say the least. He likes to tell his NaNee what’s coming next… before it happens that is. LOL

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