Five Things About the Muppets Most Wanted Movie


Muppets Most Wanted - Disney

The kids and I saw an early screening of Muppets Most Wanted last weekend. It’s a story about Kermit and his evil double. The story isn’t original, but the kids and I enjoyed the movie. My kids loved the humor, and I liked the musical numbers and seeing the Muppet characters again. Muppets Most Wanted (Disney) opens in theaters today. Continue reading to learn five things about Muppets Most Wanted.

5 Things About Muppets Most Wanted

  1. Kermit has an evil double
    The movie is essentially about Kermit and his evil double. Kermit’s dead ringer is Constantine, who is the world’s most wanted criminal. With the help of the world’s number two criminal, The Lemur, Constantine switches places with Kermit without the gang knowing. As a result, Kermit ends up in the Gulag in Siberia while Constantine goes on tour with the Muppets. The tour is actually a front so Constantine could steal things across Europe. Meanwhile, Kermit is stuck in prison in Russia. He convinces the head guard that he’s not Constantine, but she refuses to let him go because she’s in love with Kermit.

  2. It’s better than the first Muppets movie
    Muppets Most Wanted is a sequel to The Muppets. You don’t have to see the first movie to understand the second one. In fact, I have not seen the first film since it was released in 2011. My memory is a little hazy, but in my opinion, the second movie is better than the first one. I thought it was livelier and I enjoyed the musical numbers more. But then again, I don’t remember much from the first Muppets movie.

  3. Everyone wants to be in the film
    Muppets Most Wanted features cameo appearance by a bunch of stars. Some of them include Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Usher, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Céline Dion, Zach Galifianakis, Tom Hiddleston, Tony Bennett, Ray Liotta, Josh Groban, Toby Jones, James McAvoy, Chloë Grace Moretz, Miranda Richardson, and Danny Trejo.

  4. Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey are not in the same scenes together
    As you know, the movie includes both live actors and puppets. Ricky Gervais (Dominic Badguy), Tina Fey (Nadya), and Ty Burrell (Jean Pierre Napoleon) are the main live actors. All three of them were good in the film. However, they were rarely in the same scenes together. What a shame. It would’ve been fun to see them all together. The voices of the Muppets include Steve Whitmire (Kermit the Frog / Foo Foo / Statler / Beaker / Lips / Rizzo the Rat / Link Hogthrob / The Newsman), Eric Jacobson (Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Sam Eagle / Animal), Dave Goelz (The Great Gonzo / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew / Zoot / Beauregard / Waldorf), Bill Barretta (Pepe the King Prawn / Rowlf the Dog / Dr. Teeth / The Swedish Chef / Bobo the Bear / Big Mean Carl / Baby Boss / Carlo Flamingo / Leprechaun Security Guard), Matt Vogel (Constantine / Floyd Pepper / Sweetums / Pops / Robin / Lew Zealand / Crazy Harry / 80’s Robot / Camilla / Uncle Deadly), and Peter Linz (Walter / Manolo Flamingo). Muppets Most Wanted was directed by James Bobin.

  5. The movie is rated PG
    Muppets Most Wanted is rated PG for some mild action. In my opinion, the film could’ve easily been rated G. The movie is fine for people of all ages. However, keep in mind the film is 112 minutes long. About an hour into the story, my five-year got a little bored and wanted to know when the movie is over. Fortunately, his interest returned again during the last 30 minutes of the film.


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  1. Took my daughter to see this, and we absolutely loved it. I agree, it was better than the first. I hope they continue to make more sequels.

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