Five Things About A Chorus Line

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A Chorus Line Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me A Chorus Line for review on my movie blog. I actually saw the film back in the 80’s. I think I saw it on video tape because they didn’t have DVD’s back then. Now the movie is out on Blu-ray. I don’t remember much from the first time I saw the film, but I did enjoy it this time around. The movie starts and ends with a musical number. In between, we get the backstory of some of the dancers. A Chorus Line is based on the Broadway musical. Because it’s a musical, most of the dialogue is in the form of a song. I love musicals, so I enjoyed this film. But if you don’t like musicals, this movie probably isn’t for you. Chorus Line is available now on Blu-ray.

5 Things About A Chorus Line

  1. The story starts off with a bang
    A Chorus Line starts with hundreds of dancers auditioning. It’s full of energy, but after watching several groups going on and off the stage, you start to wonder if there’s more to the movie. Fortunately, there is. After the initial audition, the choreographer selects 16 finalists. That’s when the movie gets interesting. The 16 finalists are competing for eight spots. And to earn a spot, they have to share their personal story with the director and other dancers. Through their backstory, we get to know the characters of the film and we see that the dancers are ordinary people who have a passion for dancing.
  2. The movie ends with a bang too
    After the eight dancers are selected, the film ends with a dancer number. It starts off with just the final eight dancers in fancy costumes singing and dancing. Then the scene expands to other dancers as well — including dancers who were eliminated early in the story. The number is lively and makes you wish you could’ve seen more numbers like that in the movie.
  3. It’s rated PG-13, but there’s an uncomfortable scene
    A Chorus Line is rated PG-13 for language, sexual dialogue, and brief smoking. There isn’t any nudity, but I felt uncomfortable when one of the dancers sang a song about tits and ass. It was a fairly lengthy song and I was watching the film with my teenage daughter.
  4. A Chorus Line stars a young Michael Douglas
    The main character, Zach, was played by Michael Douglas. I thought he did a decent job. He couldn’t really do a whole lot with his character because Zach basically sat in the auditorium for a good part of the movie. He’s either sitting there looking serious, or he’s yelling at someone. Occassionally he does smile a little. The film also featured Michael Blevins (Mark Tobori), Yamil Borges (Diana Morales), Jan Gan Boyd (Connie Wong), Sharon Brown (Kim), Gregg Burge (Richie Walters), Cameron English (Paul San Marco), Tony Fields (Al DeLuca), Nicole Fosse (Kristine Evelyn Erlich-DeLuca), Vicki Frederick (Sheila Bryant), Michelle Johnston (Beatrice Ann ‘Bebe’ Benson), Janet Jones (Judy Monroe), Pam Klinger (Maggie Winslow), Audrey Landers (Val Clarke), and Terrence Mann (Larry). A Chorus Line was directed by Richard Attenborough.
  5. Nothing special
    The only extra feature on the 120-minute Blu-ray is the original theatrical trailer for A Chorus Line. Note: the Blu-ray does not include a digital version of the film.

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