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I received the Robocop Blu-ray for review on my movie blog. The film is a reboot of the 1987 series. I’ve seen both versions and enjoyed them both. I think fans of the old series will like the new version too. Parts of the story were changed, but the new movie is basically the same story as the old one. For those of you who don’t know, Robocop is about a police officer placed inside of a robot. The result is a machine that is efficient, yet still have some human emotions and memories. Robocop (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Continue reading to learn six things about the Robocop Blu-ray.

Six Things About the Robocop Blu-ray

  1. The film is about greed
    OmniCorp is a manufacturer of military robots. The people running the company are greedy and they want to expand the products into the domestic market. Unfornuately, their drones are not allowed in the US because the public don’t trust the judgement of robots. Humans can feel and make judgement calls. Robots only follow their programming and would not feel remorse if they killed a child. Under the pretense of protecting the public, OmniCorp decides to put a human into a robot’s body. The end result is Robocop (Alex Murphy) and potentially billions of dollars for the company.

  2. The story is the same, but the special effects are better
    This Robocop movie is a reboot of the 1987 series. Even though the people behind the film say it’s a different movie, the story is essentially the same. Both stories involve corruption, corporate politics, a man grafted into a robot, and the human part of Robocop conflicting with the robot’s software. I liked the original series, so I didn’t mind that the stories were similar. Plus the new version has better special effects. Robocop’s armor is also nicer even though the design is similar to the old one.

  3. There’s a reason Robocop still has a right human hand
    When Alex Murphy was injured during a car explosion, his left arm and leg were amputated. But when he was turned into Robocop, the doctors removed his right leg and arm too, but left his right hand intact. There wasn’t an explanation in the movie, which made it very puzzling for me. Why would a robot have one human hand when everything else except for his brian, face and lungs had been removed? But then I watched the deleted scenes and learned why Alex still had one human hand. It’s because Raymond Sellars, the top guy at OmniCorp, believes you can tell a lot about a man by his handshake.

  4. Robocop Blu-ray includes several features
    The combo pack includes the movie in the following formats: Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD (Ultraviolet streaming). In addition, the Blu-ray Combo Pack includes the following special features:

    • Deleted Scenes
    • OmniCorp Product Announcement (bunch of promo’s for OmniCorp’s robots and weapons)
    • Robocop: Engineered for the 21st Century
      • The Illusion of Free Will: A New Vision (29-minute commentary by the people behind the movie)
      • To Serve and Protect: Robocop’s Weapons (6-minute segment about the weapons in the film)
      • The Robocop Suit: Form and Function (15-minute commentary about the Robocop armour)
  5. It’s Batman vs Commissioner Gordon
    Joel Kinnaman played the main character (Alex Murphy / RoboCop) in the film. He was fine in the movie. Gary Oldman (Dr. Dennett Norton) and Michael Keaton (Raymond Sellars) were also main characters in the film. It’s kind of like Batman: Days of Future Past. As some of you know, Michael Keaton played Batman in the original series, while Gary Oldman played Commissioner Gordon in the rebooted series. Robocop also featured Samuel L. Jackson (Pat Novak), Abbie Cornish (Clara Murphy), Jackie Earle Haley (Rick Mattox), Michael K. Williams (Jack Lewis), Jennifer Ehle (Liz Kline), Jay Baruchel (Tom Pope), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Chief Karen Dean), Aimee Garcia (Jae Kim), Douglas Urbanski (Mayor Durant), John Paul Ruttan (David Murphy), Patrick Garrow (Antoine Vallon), and K.C. Collins (Andre Daniels). Robocop was directed by José Padilha.

  6. The movie is rated pg-13
    The 117-minute film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action including frenetic gun violence throughout, brief strong language, sensuality and some drug material. In my opinion, Robocop is fine for most children. However, the scenes that showed the human organs of Robocop might be a little shocking for very young kids.

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