6 Things About the Black or White Blu-ray

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Black or White (Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer)

I recently watched Black or White. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Blu-ray to review on my movie blog. Black or White is a drama about a man who has to raise his granddaughter by himself. At times he struggles, but then his problems get worst when the in-laws sue for custody. A big issue brought up in the story is race. The grandfather is white, while his granddaughter and the inlaws are black. The story isn’t entertaining, but it is one of those movies that will make you think and debate with your friends. BTW, the movie is based on actual events. Black Or White is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD. Continue reading to learn six things about the film.

Six Things About the Black or White Blu-ray

  1. The story starts off with a death
    Black or White is about a custody battle between two families. The movie begins with the death of the grandmother (maternal side). Elliot Anderson, the widower, is forced to raise his granddaughter (Eloise) by himself. The grandparents had been raising Eloise since her birth. Eloise’s mom died giving birth to Eloise, and her dad is a crack head. Meanwhile, Rowena Jeffers (the grandmother on the paternal) doesn’t think Elliot can raise Eloise on his own — especially since Elliot has a drinking problem. Rowena asks for custody, but Elliot refuses. So off to court they go.

  2. The main character has a drinking problem
    Rowena didn’t ask for custody of her granddaughter when the other grandmother was alive and raising Eloise. But Rowena thinks a woman is better equip to raise a child than a man. While I do agree that in general, most moms are better parents than dads, I also believe dads can be good parents too. In the case of the movie, I think Elliot’s main problem is his drinking and not his gender.

  3. The main character doesn’t like his in-laws
    In the custody battle, Elliott was accused of being racially biased. He’s white and the other family is black. In the story, it’s obvious that Elliott is not too fond of the in-laws. But he seems to really hate his son-in-law. I’m not entirely sure if that hatred is because he blames his son-in-law for the death of his daughter or if Elliott sees him as the stereotypical black man that is addicted to drugs. My guess is that it’s a little of both. Note: I’m not sure if the two families are in-laws because it’s unclear if Eloise’s parents got married or not. Probably not, but I can’t be certain.

  4. Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer are the stars
    I thought both Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer were good in this movie. Costner played the part of Elliot Anderson (the grandfather) and Octavia played the part of Rowena Jeffers (the grandmother). Black or White also featured Jillian Estell (Eloise Anderson), Bill Burr (Rick Reynolds), Mpho Koaho (Duvan Araga), Anthony Mackie (Jeremiah Jeffers), André Holland (Reggie Davis), Gillian Jacobs (Fay), Jennifer Ehle (Carol), Paula Newsome (Judge Cummins), Indigo Indigo (Young Nurse), Bertha Bindewald (Rosita), Joe Chrest (Dave), Ireyon Johnson (Kristen), and Janeline Hayes (Dondi). The movie was directed by Mike Binder.

  5. Black Or White is rated PG-13
    The 121-minute film is rated PG-13 for strong language, thematic material involving drug use and drinking, and for a fight. I think the movie is fine for most kids. However, the subject matter might be too serious for some children.

  6. Both the DVD and Blu-ray includes special features
    The Black or White Blu-ray includes the movie in digital HD and Blu-ray formats. In addition, both the Blu-ray and DVD include bonus features:

    • Shades of Gray: The Making of Black or White
    • Kevin Costner Featurette (Blu-ray only)
    • Family First Featurette (Blu-ray only)
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Digital HD (Blu-ray only)

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