5 Things About Disneynature Bears

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Disneynature: Bears

Disneynature sent me a copy of their new title for review on my movie blog. Their new release is called Bears. The film is a documentary about a momma bear and her two cubs. The 78-minute movie was rated G, so everyone in the family can watch it. The kids and I enjoyed Disneynature Bears. It’s not packed with action, but it is very interesting. After watching the documentary, I like to think my kids actually learned something about brown bears. Disneynature: Bears is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD. BTW, Disneynature donated a portion of the first-week sales to the National Park Foundation to help protect wildlife and wild places. Continue reading to learn five things about Disneynature Bears.

Five Things About Disneynature Bears

  1. It’s the story of three bears
    Disneynature Bears follows the life of a bear family. During the first year, momma bear searches for food while teaching her two impressionable young cubs life’s most important lessons. Along the way, momma bear must protect her cubs from a wolf and other hungry bears.

  2. It takes place in the majestic Alaskan wilderness
    The film starts off with the bears coming out of hibernation. The bear family leaves their den high in the mountains and trek across the snowy Alaskan wilderness to a meadow in search of food. The bears feed on the vegetation, mussels and clams while they wait for the return of the salmon. According to the documentary, the bears must fatten up on salmon in order to survive their winter hibernation. After the bears have fed on salmon and the start of winter returns, the bears return to the mountains to hibernate.

  3. Proceeds helps protect and conserve endangered or threatened wildlife
    As I mentioned previously, portion of the first week’s sales were donated to the National Park Foundation via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The National Park Foundation, which is the official charity of America’s national parks, helps protect and conserve endangered or threatened wildlife and wild places as well as enhance field research across more than 2.9 million acres of National Park Service land.

  4. Scout and Amber are the stars
    The two newborn bear cubs (Scout and Amber) are the stars of the movie. They’re both cute. Scout is the curious one and likes to explore. Amber, on the other hand, clings to momma bear. She also likes to climb on momma’s back when she doesn’t feel like walking. Disneynature Bears was directed by Alastair Fothergill (Earth, African Cats and Chimpanzee) and Keith Scholey (African Cats). The film was narrated by John C. Reilly (Wreck-It Ralph, Chicago and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby).

  5. Disneynature Bears includes bonus materials
    In addition to the movie in Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD formats, Disneynature Bears Blu-ray Combo Pack includes several special features. The music video was less than two minutes long, but the other features were about six to eight minutes long. Personally, I thought the segment on how the crew filmed the movie was the most interesting bonus feature. Here are the special features on the Blu-ray:

    • Welcome To Alaska
      Journey with the filmmakers into the Alaskan wilds to film Sky and her cubs
    • The Future For The Bears
      Experience the thrill of living with the bears during production, and the importance of protecting the wilderness to ensure their survival and our own
    • A Guide To Living With Bears
      Learn how the team interacts safely with these magnificent creatures
    • How Did They Film That?
      Get an inside look on some of the extreme filmmaking that went into getting shots high in the mountains and under frigid cold water
    • Carry On
      Music Video by Olivia Holt

More info: Disneynature: Bears Blu-ray


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  1. This film looks amazing and would be a great movie for family night. I know my grandchildren would really enjoy it and so would I.

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