4 Things About the Unfinished Business Blu-ray

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Unfinished Business - Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson

I watched Unfinished Business recently on Blu-ray. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the film to review on my movie blog. Unfinished Business is a predictable David versus Goliath story about a man who takes on his former boss and company in a major deal. I’ll admit it; I didn’t love the movie. On the other hand, I didn’t hate the film either. I think Unfinished Business might be worth watching if you’re a fan of Vince Vaughn. Or if you’re in the mood for a comedy and you don’t care if the movie will win an Oscar for best picture. Unfinished Business is available now Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD. Continue reading to learn four things about the film.

Four Things About the Unfinished Business Blu-ray

  1. It’s a David vs Goliath story
    Unfinished Business is essentially a David versus Goliath story. Dan Trunkman (main character) is a highly successful employee at a big company. After he finds out he has to take a 5% pay cut, he quits his job to start this own company. About a year later, Dan’s company is pitted against his old company and his former boss. Dan feels he has to land this account because his new company is running out of money. To make matter worst, Dan’s kids are having problems and Dan isn’t around to help them.

  2. Vince Vaughn is the star of Unfinished Business
    The star of the movie is Vince Vaughn. He played the part of Dan Trunkman — the guy who quited his job and started his own company. I thought he was OK, but this film is certainly not his best work. The other two main characters were played by Tom Wilkinson (Timothy McWinters) and Dave Franco (Mike Pancake). I’ll admit, there were times I wanted to slap Dave Franco’s character. What a ding-a-ling. Other cast members included Sienna Miller (Chuck Portnoy), June Diane Raphael (Susan Trunkman), Britton Sear (Paul Trunkman), Ella Anderson (Bess Trunkman), Nick Frost (Bill Whilmsley), James Marsden (Jim Spinch), Ken Scott (tourist at German Hotel / Museum tourist), Kasia Malinowska (sexy maid), Carmen Lopez (hotel maid), Melissa McMeekin (National Rental rep), Michael Krabbe (Dandlin Desk Clerk), and Uwe Ochsenknecht (Maarten Daaervk). Unfinished Business was directed by Ken Scott.

  3. Unfinished Business is rated R
    The 91-minute film is rated R for some strong risqué sexual content/graphic nudity, and for language and drug use. I do not recommend watching this movie with children. There’s sexual content, nudity and bad language.

  4. The Blu-ray and DVD include extra features
    The Unfinished Business Blu-ray includes the movie in digital HD and Blu-ray formats. In addition, both the DVD and Blu-ray versions include some special features:

    • Deleted and Alternate Scenes (Blu-ray and Digital HD)
      Keep the party going with 30 minutes of outrageous additional footage you couldn’t see in theaters
    • Show Me Your Business
      Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson, James Marsden, Sienna Miller, and Nick Frost share their wildest, craziest and most memorable experiences on set
    • Gallery
      Hilarious stock photo images of Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson posing in office settings

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