9 Things About the Ant-man Movie – a small thief with a big heart


Ant-man Marvel Studios and Disney Studios

My son and I saw an advance screening of Ant-man earlier in the week. We loved it. The superhero movie was full of action and the storyline was easy to follow. It’s not as funny as Guardians of the Galaxy, but the film did have plenty of humorous situations. Ant-Man (Marvel Studios and Disney Studios) opens in theaters on Friday. Continue reading to learn nine things about the movie.

Nine Things About the Ant-man Movie

  1. It’s the story of a thief and a scientist
    Ant-man is about a scientist named Heny Pym. He developed the technology (Pym particle) to shrink people to the size of an ant. The people in his company want to use that technology to make a big profit, but Pym puts a stop the militarization of his technology because he thinks his Pym particle is too dangerous for the world to use. Many years later, after Pym has retired, his former company develops the technology to shrink both objects and people. Pym still believes the technology is too dangerous so he teams up with a thief (Scott Lang) to destroy the technology.

  2. Ant-man appears to be super fast
    When Heny Pym or Scott Lang shrink to ant-size, they become stronger in comparison to their new size. This is true in both the movie and the comic book world. However, in the film, Ant-man also appears to be super fast like Quick Silver. In addition, Ant-man seems to puff in and out when he’s fighting (kinda of like Nightcrawler (X-Men). Super-speed and teleporting are not part of Ant-man’s super powers in the comic books. I don’t think they are in the movie either, but it looks like they are when Ant-man is fighting.

  3. His helmet is for protection only
    In the comic books, Ant-man’s helmet gave him the ability to communicate and control ants. But in the movie, Ant-man talks to the ants through an ear piece. His helmet is only used to protect himself from the effects of shrinking to ant-size.

  4. Yellow Jacket is the villain
    The selection of Yellow Jacket as the villain was a little confusing for me. That’s because in the comic books, the first Ant-man (Heny Pym) became Yellow Jacket for a period of time. While Yellow Jacket wasn’t a hero in the comic book storyline, I don’t think he was a villain either. BTW, in addition to being Yellow Jacket, Ant-man also became Giant-Man and Goliath.

  5. The film is humorous, but not ROFL
    I heard a rumor that Ant-man might be the funniest Marvel movie ever released. So I was expecting a film that is at least as funny as Guardians of the Galaxy. Not even close. Ant-man was humorous and had it’s funny moments. But it’s not the kind of movie that will make people fall off their seat laughing. Keep this in mind when you go see the film and you won’t be disappointed it wasn’t funnier.

  6. There’s an extra scene at the end
    After the movie is over, you’ll want to stay around for the credits because there’s an extra scene that will make most fanboys applaud.

  7. Stan Lee makes another cameo
    I almost forgot about Stan Lee. That’s because he didn’t make his appearance until near the end of the movie. He’s in a bar and I think he’s a bartender or something.

  8. Paul Rudd does a decent job
    Like many people, I was surprised when I heard Paul Rudd was selected for the lead one role in Ant-man. But as it turns out, I think Paul was fine as Ant-man and Scott Lang. He was a very likable guy. Other cast members include Michael Douglas (Dr. Hank Pym), Evangeline Lilly (Hope van Dyne), Corey Stoll (Darren Cross / Yellowjacket), Bobby Cannavale (Paxton), Judy Greer (Maggie Lang), Abby Ryder Fortson (Cassie Lang), Michael Peña (Luis), David Dastmalchian (Kurt), T.I. (Dave), Wood Harris (Gale), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), John Slattery (Howard Stark), Martin Donovan (Mitchell Carson), and Garrett Morris (Cab Driver). Antman was directed by Peyton Reed.

  9. Ant-man is rated PG-13
    The 117-minute film is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence. There’s a lot of action in the movie, but nothing too intense for young children.